FORWARD to Friends, then VOTE Saturday

From early on the planning process, going back to 2009, Kevin Greeley has been a strong supporter of the pedestrian, bicycle and streetscape improvements in the Mass Ave plan and we are happy to endorse him for another term on the Board of Selectmen. Besides an advocate for the current plan for Mass Ave, Kevin has been an effective Selectmen and can certainly take some credit for the high quality of life that we have living in Arlington.

In addition, as many of you know, there is a ballot question asking Arlingtonians if we prefer to maintain 4 traffic lanes on Mass Ave in East Arlington. Note that numerous traffic studies have ALL concluded that four lanes are unnecessary, compromise safety and would not meet state design guidelines, thus jeopardizing the federal and state funding.

EALS Coalition, along with a sleugh of others strongly encourage you to reject this question and vote NO on Question #1, because:

We can’t afford to lose the funding. The town is in line to receive $6.8 million to cover the cost of the project.  If we delay any longer, we will have to pay for it ourselves.  We passed a tax override in 2011 to support a long-term financial plan for the town. Projects like this can break the bank. The town can’t afford to lose this assistance.

We don’t want an unsafe design for Mass Ave. Mass Ave is used by drivers, pedestrians, public transit riders, and bicyclists.  The proposed plan will make the street safer for everyone, balancing the many demands on this public resource.

We shouldn’t throw away eight years of public input. The rebuild plan includes wider sidewalks, upgraded lighting and traffic signals, and a greatly improved East Arlington business district, the result of professional planning together with years of public participation.  Let’s not start over.
We also recognize the importance of other items on Saturday’s ballot:

School Committee
Although we do not have any formal endorsements for School Committee and Town Meeting, we did ask all School Committee candidates to answer a question about what they would do, as School Committee members, to promote walking and bicycling to school in Arlington. Their responses can be found at:

Town Meeting Members

There are a lot of good candidates for Town Meeting in Precincts throughout Town. We have not done all of our homework and do not have specific endorsements. However, we do want to give a shout-out to those in competitve races who have volunteered or have submitted a testimonial and photograph on the web site explaining why they want to move the project forward–not kill it. They include:

  • Precinct 3: Jennifer Susse, John Hoppe and Laura Vanderberg
  • Precinct 5: Sarah Huber (24 Amherst St.)
  • Precinct 7: Phil Goff and Rebecca Younkin

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